On Page SEO: What to Know?

In the SEO strategy, there are two things that must be done important by an internet marketer as their services, like the Jasa SEO Murah, for example, namely: On Page and Off Page SEO. In the following, then, the On-Page SEO will be discussed further.

On-Page SEO consists of efforts made on the side of a website to optimise the website itself. The optimising efforts in this type of SEO can be done by a website owner or webmaster who will also design the website to be SEO Friendly. There are several important elements contained in SEO On Page, among others are as follows:
– Research keywords, read the article “How to Research Keywords With Google Keyword Planner” to find the main keywords and the keywords most relevant support to the niche website to be created.
– Build a website with good structure, it looks interesting, and load it quickly
– Using Title Tag