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Paint has the function to protect and beautify the surface. Currently available with various brands of paint, color choices and a variety of quality, but you can not arbitrarily choose paint. You need to know that there is a kind of interior paints and exterior paints that have some differences. painting contractor woodstock we will tell you that in general, the interior paint applied to the famil house has more functionality into accentuating the aesthetic aspects with the support of color and texture of the paint.

Paint be counted for the interior of the house can not be used for exterior house paint, this is due to the durability of the paint to the weather. Interior paint also easy to clean, anti-fungal and is not easily porous, water resistant, and has a high adhesion. Even the interior paint is now added with air freshener. Interior paint is usually free of heavy metals and other toxic materials although depending on the quality.

While the exterior paint is generally applied to the exterior of the house, has a function to protect materials from the weather. Exterior paint can not be applied to the interior of the house for less in accordance with the aesthetics of the house. Another exterior paint characteristic is the durability of the paint against UV rays, it is not easy ballooned, anti-fungal, not easily fade. Exterior paint is needed because of circumstances outside the home are exposed to direct sunlight and rain that can make your walls cracked. If there is damage to the wall, it will be easier rainwater seeping up exposure to sunlight directly into the wall or wall part in causing spots on the wall and easy to mold.

Water-based exterior paint will be cheaper in terms of cost and has a strong stickiness on the wall while oil-based exterior paint and will leave annoyed glazed wall, easily washable and not easily porous. Oil paints can be used on the exterior and interior of the house, especially in the children’s playroom which usually explore themselves with writing-core wall so that the oil-based paint will make the wall or walls easy to clean.