You have the option of various types and flavors to choose from

Cold and sweet, like the picture of the ice cream. Food this one was much liked not only children but also adults. A variety of flavors and a variety of ice cream creations at this time make any mood to eat. Ice cream belongs to a group that has the texture of a frozen entree semi-solid and has a high nutritional value. The materials used in the manufacture of ice cream among others, milk fat, cream, hula sand and other flavor ingredients. If you are a lover of ice cream, you should come and try Cold Stone ice cream flavors were amazing and had a wide variety of types and flavors so that you find the ice cream was perfect, not too loud but soft.

Some of the flavors that you can try are French Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Leaf, Roasted Almond, Banana, Brownies and much more. You can find a unique experience to try all the flavors of this technique is also awesome.