Ayahuasca: Find your way to the meaning of life

There is a saying when life gives you a lemon, you just have to make a lemonade. Well, it’s actually more than accepting the life itself. Before you can accept the life, you have to accept yourself. It can be achieved by entering the realm of your own mind and find the truth inside it. The truth about your own greatest fear and the source of your anxiety. Then, instead of fighting them, you need to accept them and make peace with them. That is the purpose of the Ayahuasca treatment. It’s a thousand years old method that used the master plants of Amazon forest, and this method has been created by the Amazonian tribe for more than centuries.

They’re using the leaf of Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis), and the Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi) and then they boiled those ingredients together in order to make the ayahuasca tea. This tea has the psychedelic effect, which means it makes you hallucinate, then the shaman helps you to enter the realm of your own mind. Right there, you have to accept everything that you face, and that’s including to accept your darkest fear and source of anxiety.

However, scaring you away is not the shaman job, it’s because of they’re not a haunted house personnel. Their job is to guide you through each step of your trip within your own mind. You can defeat your own fear and anxiety not by punching them, instead, you are make peace with them. Admit them as the parts of your life and you have to realize that your own fear and anxiety are the ones that have made you reach this far. So, surrendering is the way in their church, and resistance is only giving you the unwanted effects. That’s why the Ayahuasca Healing church methods are not for anyone. Instead, it’s for the people who aren’t looking for a quick-fix, but they’re the ones who are looking for find the true meaning of their life by following the way of nature’s blessing.