How to avoid the ad posting service scams

When the numbers of your customers are dropping, it’s a good idea for you to hire a good Craigslist Posting Services, in order to create a great and powerful ad to attract the customers. However, despite the high numbers of the available ad posting services on the internet, you cannot choose it recklessly so you will never be scammed by the fraud ad posting service providers.

Here are the ways to avoid them:

1. No license means goodbye

If a company has no license (illegal), then leave it immediately and check the next company as well. The illegal ones are often trying to trick their customers with the high prices and the bad services.

2. the sneaky hidden prices

If a company is charging its customers with the hidden prices, then don’t choose that company.

3. Bad testimonies

When a company has a lot of bad testimonies, or it doesn’t even have any testimony at all, then it’s another indication of a fraud company which may try to trick you.